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Sivakumar V
My Experience in Sahaja Yoga
Sivakumar V, San Jose, CA USA.
The Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
 A way of life that changed my life
When I first saw Shri Mataji I was around 14 years of age, my father took me to a public program in Chennai, India, where Shri Mataji gave Self-Realization. I only remember that I was filed with Shri Mataji's love. I felt some intimate closeness with Her. Many years passed, I would pray to Her for my good studies. I was an average student at school. In high school we had a chapter on nervous system.I was very much interested in this and studied all the aspects of sympathetic, parasympathetic and central nervous system. Incidently few months later I came across a written speech of Shri Mataji where She explained how the nervous systems are influenced by our conciousness and how in Sahaja Yoga the para-sympathetic nervous system works. This was a turning point in my inquisitiveness. I began meditating regularly and attending the weekly workshops very regularly.

It was during this time that my final exams of High School was fast approaching. At that time, it was only the results of this exam that decided one's future. My class consisted of many ambitious and bright students. Most of them took private coaching in Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I did not take these private coachings, for one they were very expensive. I wrote my exams and the results were out. Amongst so many brilliant fellow classmates, I was the only one to score full in Maths. I was shocked, couldnt believe it. This was the first miracle for me.

I also got an admission in a presitigious college and went on to complete my bachelors in Electrical Engineering. In college too I was not the top cream. But did my studies quite comfortably. I practised Sahaja Yoga and some of my friends too began doing Sahaja Yoga meditation. It was during the final year where job placement rounds were going on, a top company, Texas Instruments, came to our college for recruitment. Its was one of the most sort after company in the college. After some tough interviewing they announcedd that they have selected only one candidate amongst the three colleges in that city, and that was me. I couldnt believe it. It was the second miracle for me.

After college I moved to Bangalore where I met many families who were practising Sahaja Yoga. By this time my meditations also improved substantially. I could feel the divine cool breeze and was enjoying the state of Nirvichar (thoughtless awareness) in my meditation. The loving company I had in Bangalore taught me what Sahaja Yoga as a way of life means. Later I went on to marry a girl of Shri Mataji's choice. My wife too had been practising Sahaja Yoga meditation. She is very active and a dynamic person. We are a very happily married couple, recently blessed with a baby boy, and staying currently in San Jose, CA. Sahaja Yoga meditation has caused in us a completely different dimension of exsistence. I deeply thank Shri Mataji for all Her love and for all the effort She is taking to spread the message of love and peace in the world, by transforming people from within.